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Polish language courses in Warsaw  

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Polish language courses in Warsaw  

Polish is one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world, but it is not the language in which crowds are enrolled for its learning. Most tourists in Poland can hardly make a couple of sentences in this language, and some people in Poland, even those who have lived here for more than five years, are not able to order their own food at a local restaurant or read the menu in Polish, because they are accustomed to use English in Europe. However, there are no flaws in learning Polish. So challenge yourself - try the Polish language courses and gain an insight into one of the most poetic languages ​​in the world!

The Polish education system has 650 years of training highly qualified specialists. This has become profitable not only for Poland, but also for many countries around the world, in which the Poles have brought their professionalism and the spirit of innovation.

The climate in Poland is mostly temperate throughout the country. It is oceanic in the north and west and gradually becomes warmer and more continental to the south and east. The summer is usually warm here, and the winter is pretty cold.

Europe has something to offer from an academic point of view. It is the cradle of higher education, entire cities are built around prestigious universities in Europe, and finally, it offers tremendous cultural diversity. Therefore, if you decide to study in Poland, you will not only have to study at the best language schools, but also to live in a country with an interesting history.

Why is learning Polish in Warsaw the right decision?


Education in Poland is relatively cheaper than in other European countries. The tuition starts from less than 1,500 euros, and rarely rises to 3,000 euros per year. Compared with the average costs of private universities in France, Germany, the UK or Scandinavia, this option is cost-effective.

Bright student and cultural life

As we all know, being a student is much more difficult than just learning. Parties, sports, music festivals, film festivals, walking with friends, getting out of the city for the weekend are all as important as the other components of higher education. Therefore, you will never regret choosing Poland.


The general conditions of study remain the same as throughout Europe, namely:
- training can begin at any time throughout the year;
- the number of students in a class is from 10 to 14 people, but there is an opportunity to study individually with a teacher or remotely;
- the school, as a rule, helps the student with the visa application, accommodation and transfer;
- the majority of schools offer a number of courses, the main of which are: general Polish language course, business Polish course, Polish course for work, courses on preparation for passing internal and international examinations in Polish.

Here are some of the most popular Polish language schools in Warsaw:


The school SayHello offers a variety of courses, among which everyone can find exactly what they need. The school has programmes for students of all ages: children, youth and adults. The school also has the opportunity to choose between one-on-one tutoring and group courses.
When entering SayHello language school, every student is tested in order to determine his level of the language proficiency and to provide the most qualitative training: to select a group with a suitable level, to find qualified teachers for you. Individual classes will give everyone the opportunity to learn and improve exactly what is necessary for you. Besides, individual programmes imply faster and better education, since the teacher concentrates all his strength and attention on one student. You can also choose the most convenient form of education for you: at school, online or with a teacher.

Together school

Together school annually trains about 400 foreign students from 16 countries of the world to speak Polish fluently.
The main branch of the two schools is located in Warsaw. Today, the school has an opportunity to get accreditation, and this important aspect will help graduates of the school to receive a certificate of graduation, which will be recognized as an official document confirming the level of Polish in admission to European universities and when applying for a job all over the world.


The achievement of the highest level of the language knowledge takes time. To make learning effective, the school follows the needs of its students using modern teaching methods. The school offers the organization of modern and comfortable activities, for example, Skype lessons or distance learning systems. School teachers even wrote their own textbook, “Codziennie po polsku” (for students with a level of A1) with practical dialogues and discussions of situations that can be encountered daily.

Accommodation options

There are many different options for living in Poland while studying at a language school. They can be different depending on the chosen city and school. Almost all Polish language schools can offer accommodation in dormitories, which are usually the cheapest option of all. However, most Polish students prefer to rent a room in an apartment, or rent an entire apartment.

Student houses and dormitories

Prices for dormitory rooms for students depend on the chosen school. Usually a dorm room for a month costs about 60-80 euros for living in a common room, and living in a single room costs between 100 and 150. However, living conditions in a dormitory can vary greatly even between buildings belonging to the same university. Therefore, it is useful to find out a little about the accommodation options that this or that school offers before the final decision is made.

Private housing

In Poland, quite often students rent a room in a large apartment, and sometimes even an entire apartment. The cost varies between cities, and largely depends on the distance of the apartment from the city center or the school, as well as the size of the living space and living conditions. Monthly rent for a month in a rented apartment usually ranges from 150 to 200 euros. Some landlords may require a deposit in the amount of one month of residence, which is often included in the bill of payment and acts as a guarantee of renting an apartment for at least two months. But do not worry if you can not find friends with whom you can rent an apartment or a room. Sharing an apartment with the locals is also a unique chance: you can pay for your stay and get great friends as a gift! And if you do not like sharing a room with someone, you can find a separate apartment. The rent for the smallest one-room apartment starts from about 300 euros (in Warsaw).


In order to study in Warsaw, you need to apply for a visa to Poland. This may be a short-term Schengen visa for courses no longer than 90 days or a long-term national student visa for preparation for entry courses. BookYourStudy experts will help you to do this!



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