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Italian courses abroad

Italian courses abroad are a great opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and brak through the language barrier. Pick a suitable programme and book it right now.

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Italian courses abroad


Italy is a very multifaceted country, and any person can find something interesting in it. It is also considered a classic country of tourism. However, people come here not only to rest, but also get an education. Italy boasts the oldest system of higher education. The first institution of higher education in Europe was established in this country - University of Bologna, which since the XI century conducts classes.

Why is learning Italian abroad the right decision?

Learning Italian in a country with native speakers. What could be better? Italy is an amazing country with a rich history, with many historical sites, attractions and entertainment. In Italy, there’re very beautiful cities with interesting architecture. Many of them have historical value for several centuries.

In Italy, there's a large number of beaches, and every one of them is unique in its own way and varied. Connoisseurs of museums will discover the Uffizi, the Rain Palace, the Borghese Gallery, Palazzo Pitti, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Palazzo Vecchio, seekers of ancient castles and palaces will be able to see the most famous Sforza Castle, Castle Estense, Miramare, Rivoli Castle all over the world. A large number of churches, cathedrals, monasteries and mosques can satisfy not only religious people, but also connoisseurs of beautiful buildings, such as the Milan Cathedral, the Siena Cathedral, the Monreale Cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Croce, the Duomo, the Cathedral of St. Peter in Rome and many others.

Italy is known around the world not only for its rich cultural heritage, but also for its unique cuisine. Italian residents use a huge variety of products. It is no wonder that it attracts tourists from all over the world. Speaking of Italian cuisine we can not say about such dishes like lasagna, pasta with various sauces, ravioli, pizza, pasta. Education in Italy attracts many foreigners: this is the most popular country on the exchange programme Erasmus. However, Italian can be taught not only in Italy, but also in Switzerland, Sweden, the USA, San Marno, Russia and many other countries.


Both children and adults can learn Italian abroad, even with zero knowledge of the language. Training takes place in groups of 5 to 15 people. It can begin on any Monday throughout the year.

The duration of the course can vary from a week to a year. You can choose courses of varying intensity from 6 to 30 lessons per week Some courses involve the combination of study with rest, sports or any other hobby.

There are Italian language courses that combine cooking, diving, active rest, history. You can take an intensive, super-intensive course, general course, combined course, exam courses (CILS, CELI), mini-courses and 50+ courses.

It's possible to choose individual lessons with a teacher. In this case, the lesson plan can be developed specifically for your goals, ranging from a general increase in the level of the language to the study of professional vocabulary. An individual course is also possible with training not only at school, but also with teaching and living in the family of a teacher.

The same for all courses is a lot of practice. You will communicate intensively from the very first lessons. In addition, you will work with pronunciation, the growth of  vocabulary, the development of communicative skills, overcoming the language barrier.

Upon completion of the course, all students receive a certificate confirming the completion of any Italian course.


In Italy, Switzerland, San Marno, the USA and other countries there’re  many language schools. Every school offers a wide range of various courses of Italian. Every year thousands of students come to Italy to learn Italian. It promotes additional language practice outside of school, as well as new acquaintances. In Italy, there are 8 language schools: Accademia Italiana, Babilonia, Linguaviva Florence, Linguaviva Milan, OrbitLingua, Scuola Virgilio,

Sprachcaffe Calabria и Sprachcaffe Florence. Every school offers its own diverse and rich programme of extracurricular activities, which helps not only to learn the language, but also to get acquainted closer with the culture of different countries.


Accommodation during training courses can be arranged in a host family, student residence, studio, apartment or hotels.

A student can choose the type of accommodation that suits him.

There are a huge number of families willing to welcome you. It’s possible to choose a house with a shared bathroom, and with separate one.

In the family, students have a great advantage – there’s more communication with native speakers outside the classroom. Often homestay also implies a joint leisure, which allows not only to communicate, but also to get acquainted with the culture of the Italians and its manifestation in everyday life.  It was decided to abide by some established rules in families. If you have allergic to any of the products, or you have a diet, then the host family will treat with understanding and take into account your preferences.

Accommodation in a residence and apartment is more suitable for independent students who prefer to distribute their time themselves and are ready to cook by yourself if meals for this type of accommodation are not provided. The cost of accommodation in the residence varies from cities.


The order of entry into Italy, unlike admission is regulated not by Italian but the European legislation (the Schengen agreement), therefore, may vary regardless of the rules of admission to universities.

We are pleased to help you collect the necessary documents and fill out a visa application form not only for Italy, but also for another country.

We provide full support to our attendants, ranging from selection of training programmes and execution of necessary documents and ending with accommodation and transfer. Our specialists are always ready to help and explain all unclear points.

Choose your ideal place to learn Italian abroad quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for any next trip from BookYourStudy!

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