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French courses abroad are a great opportunity to strengthen your knowledge and brak through the language barrier. Pick a suitable programme and book it right now.

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French courses abroad


More than 220 million people around the world speak the French language. French is the second language to learn after English and the sixth most common language in the world. In addition, this beautiful language is the only one, along with English, which is studied in every country. The knowledge of this language opens up opportunities such as working in France or other French-speaking countries: Canada, Switzerland, Belgium, Africa, Monaco, and Morocco. Do not forget that French is the international language of fashion, cooking, theater, visual arts, dance and architecture. If you know French, it will give you access to reading the most famous works of literature in the original, as well as listening to songs and watching outstanding movies.

Why is learning French abroad the right decision?

Learning French in a French speaking country with native speakers. What could be better? A full immersion in the language environment. An incredible culture, which consists of art, France, is good because for exploring will suit every corner in this country: from Paris to the quaint small towns like Chatou. French education is one of the best in the world. Having a diploma of a French university, you can get a prestigious job in almost any European country. In France, there are a huge number of universities, but the best are: High School in Paris, Pierre University, the University of Strasbourg, Polytechnic School in Paris, High School in Lyon and the University of Paris-Sorbonne.

France has a huge number of parks and gardens, religious architecture, monasteries, libraries and, of course, national treasures and attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris Disneyland, Mont Saint-Michel Ensemble with the Gulf, Versailles Palace and Park, the Roman Theater and the Triumphal Arch in the city Orange, the Abbey of Saint-Saven-sur-Garfemp and many others. Today in France there are about 65,000 institutions, in which pupils and students are educated, and the total number of students is 15 million. One third of this number are students.

The climate in France, with the exception of the mountainous regions, is predominantly moderate, with mild winters. Summer is quite hot (in July-August from +20 C to +25 C), winters are mild (in January from 0 C to +3 C) and rather wet, although it rarely snows.

As for other French-speaking countries, Canada and Morocco are also popular among those who want to relax and at the same time improve their proficiency in French.

Canada is among the most developed and prosperous countries with the level of life, recognized as one of the highest throughout the world. The evidence of this fact is the most striking example  - rising wages. Canada is also friendly not only to its residents, but also to immigrants. Due to the fact that in this country there's the minimum crime rate, this country is considered to be one of the safest countries to live. However, Canada gained the title of “safe country” not only thanks to law enforcement agencies (of course, their participation played a huge role for this), but also thanks to the residents of the country. They are quite friendly and respectful to those who come to visit their country. It’s worth noting such interesting places as Stanley Park, CN Tower and Capilano Suspension Bridge. The climate in Canada is mostly temperate. The average January temperatures in Canada range from -35 C to +4 C. The average temperatures  during July in Canada range from +21 C to +4 C.

Morocco is the right place for those who love hot summer weather. Morocco has a warm and sunny climate, which, however, varies greatly depending on which part of the country you are in. Here the summer is very long and hot, and the winter is mild and wet. In the south the impact of the tropics begins to feel. Casablanca falls into an area where there are tropical and subtropical climatic zones. The tropics stretch from here to the south. The days are hot in summer and warm in a short winter.

Good weather will give you the opportunity to explore all the interesting places and Morocco sights: Jamaa el Fna, Majorelle Garden, Palace Bahia, as well as to sunbathe on a sandy beach and swim in the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


French schools offer an extensive programme of visits: excursions, sports and other activities. In France, there are a tour of Montreal, visiting museums, parties, salsa and karaoke.

Schools in France: ACCORD Paris (Grands Boulevards), Alpadia

Lyon, Centre International d’Antibes, inlingua La Rochelle, Institut de Touraine,

Language Studies International, LINES Valbonne, Sprachcaffe Nice, Sprachcaffe Paris.

In Canada, you can join a very popular cruise ship “St. Lawrence ”, bike excursions, tango lessons, trips to Niagara Falls, Quebec, and also weekend excursions in New York and Boston. The cultural programme is designed to help practice your French language.

Some institutions offer their French study programme: French Language Center, the School of Continuous Studies,the Department of Languages and Literature.

Every school provides students with a place to stay: residence, apartment, student house, or homestay.

Foreign students can work in France only if you have received a residence permit, a study visa and you are trained in recognized universities, business schools and language centers. The student has the right to work 18-20 hours a week.


French language schools abroad offer a great selection of courses. The variety of programmes and courses offered is so huge that anyone can choose exactly what is necessary for him.

The duration of the course can vary from a week to a year.

BookYourStudy offers to book courses in seven cities of France, Canada and Morocco. In addition to standard general, intensive and accelerated programmes, including up to 40 hours of study per week, there are also French courses for people over 30 or over 50. Vocabulary, topics, as well as the approach to the study are fundamentally different from classes with children.

You can choose an Individual French course that allow you to study with the teacher one-on-one and create a convenient schedule for you. There are also long preparation courses for university entrance. They usually last from one academic semester to one year and include in the programme all the subjects necessary for admission and further training at universities.

Like any other language, French requires confirmation of your knowledge and proficiency, so language schools can offer you courses for preparing for the DEL, DALF, DCL, TCF, TEF, including the analysis of all parts of the test, as well as trial tasks and regular practice solutions to exam tasks.

One of the worth noting features is the French course for parents with children. You can not only improve your level of knowledge yourself, but also instill in children a love for learning foreign languages, because, as you know, in childhood everything is remembered much easier and faster.

For special French lovers who want to improve their level of knowledge to the maximum, there is a 9-day Compact  Course in Business French for professionals. It includes an accelerated intensive programme and requires a high level of language proficiency.

The French course for teachers is designed for people working in education and using french not only in everyday life, but also to train students, pupils.

In addition, there are a huge number of courses with specific orientation (business, IT, medicine, cooking) that will help you to deepen knowledge in a particular area so that you can more easily communicate with business colleagues, seek advice on foreign sites or share recipes with friends.

Everywhere we can find preparation for the DELF exam, General French course, intensive and semi-intensive course, French for business communication.


In order to study in France, Morocco or Canada foreign students need a visa of one of the existing types, depending on the country, duration and conditions of study.

As with any Schengen country, to travel to France Belarusians need to issue a Schengen visa. A correctly filled application form and the full package of documents are the main condition for obtaining the coveted stamp in the passport.

Canadian visa is one of the most difficult to obtain, because it's connected with potential flow of migrants, as Canada is one of the most developed and comfortable countries for living. Therefore, in order to obtain a visa, in addition to the standard package of documents, it is necessary to provide all possible documents on the availability of property in the home country and a detailed tourist itinerary.

In the Republic of Belarus there is no representative office of the Kingdom of Morocco, you need to apply for visa in Moscow. The visa department of the BookYourStudy agency will help you to collect the necessary package of documents for obtaining a visa in Morocco, as well as provide an opportunity for impersonal filing.

We are pleased to help you collect the necessary documents and fill out a questionnaire for visas. We provide comprehensive support to our customers starting from the choice of the training programme and the execution of the necessary documents and ending with the accommodation and transfer. Our specialists are always ready to help and clarify all points.

Choose your ideal place to learn French abroad quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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