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English language courses in Manchester

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English language courses in Manchester

Manchester is a stunning city with a large number of beautiful places and the second city after London, the center of British art. Manchester is located in the center of Greater Manchester County with a population of about half a million people. The industrial revolution in England did not bypass the city, which made it the largest financial and commercial center of the country with a developed infrastructure and transport.

Manchester is famous for its rich culture, its theaters and museums. A city is associated with, of course, its football life by any foreigner, namely here are located the clubs with a rich history of Manchester United and Manchester City - they are one of the most influential and titled in the world, as well as longtime rivals for the title of England champion in football.

Manchester is the third most visited city in the UK, after London and Edinburgh. It is remarkable for its architecture, music, science, as well as Chinatown, which is fascinating for its beauty and considered the hallmark of the city, having managed to convey all the features of Chinese culture, attributes and oriental style.

Student life in the city

Manchester is called one of the best cities for students, as it combines all the necessary conditions for them. In Manchester, there is a large student community and the city is always filled with students.

This is where the famous University of Manchester is located - one of the largest and most prestigious in the UK. The university is famous for having 25 Nobel laureates among those who come from the university.

And also in the city there are no less large universities, such as the Metropolitan University of Manchester and the Royal Northern College of Music.

For comfortable life of students, the corresponding conditions are created in the city, there are whole student areas, where in some institutions the entrance is only

open to students. There are many places where you can eat cheaply, as well as have a good time. There are entertainment and places for leisure especially for students, where discounts for students are made.

Why is learning English in Manchester the right decision?

Learning English in one of the UK's busiest cities in Manchester is a great opportunity to get communication experience direct in an English speaking environment.  There are many attractions and entertainment for every taste that allows you to make the learning process more enjoyable and productive.

Manchester is considered a multinational city with a large number of various cuisines from different parts of the world. Studying here, you will find food for any color and taste, ranging from traditional English cuisine to Chinese, Indian and Pakistani national food, and restaurants that convey all their unsurpassed atmosphere.

The city is famous for its nightlife with many pubs, bars and nightclubs.


Our website features a wide variety of courses in Manchester.

There are courses for teens and adults, regardless of the language level , with varying duration of study, programmes and facilities. It all depends on your choice and preferences. Courses offer study in groups of up to 5-20 people, as well as individual training with a personal teacher.

Manchester is a good choice if your goal is to prepare well for exams such as IELTS or CAE.

Or just get into a general English and intensive language course, and perfect your knowledge, where you improve communication skills and such skills as speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Courses usually take place from Monday to Friday, usually in the morning, but there are special courses during the day and in the evening.

If your goal is to acquire  business communication skills, in this case, schools offer specialized Business English courses and private lessons to prepare future professionals. There are also courses that combine sport and culture. Thus mixing business with pleasure, it makes the learning process much more interesting.

All courses focus on the practice, whatever course you choose, you always get the right experience and speaking skills. Foreign schools offer courses of varying intensity.


The city has a large network of educational institutions and language schools, which allows you to train specialists in various fields in English and not only. Everyone will find a school for their own purposes, depending on the timing and the type of training:

Kaplan International Manchester is a school with a large network in several countries of the world. Education here is based on Kaplan +’s own methodology.

which makes the learning process comprehensive, including classes outside of the school. Here are classes that have the latest equipment and amenities.

British Study Centers in Manchester is the oldest urban private school with branches throughout the UK. It is located in the magnificent building of the Victorian era and combines elements of the past and the new. The school is accredited by many international organizations such as the British Council, English UK, ALTO and the only one in Manchester accredited by Eaquals.

Berlitz Manchester is an English language school located right in the center of Manchester. The school focuses on creating friendly atmosphere and make everyone feel at home. Berlitz Manchester offers a variety of programmes and guarantees the highest level of training.

The Language Gallery - located near the lively area with shops, bars and restaurants. The school offers an extensive programme of activities and SMART Learning, within which it is possible to travel around Manchester and England.

This is only a small part, there are many schools of various specializations and formats located throughout the city, with different prices, conditions and amenities. Such famous schools as ACCORD Manchester, Britannia English Academy, Experience English Manchester, New College Group, European Center are also located in Manchester. Every school tries to create all the facilities for learning and close communication.

Almost everywhere there is wi-fi, a variety of sports hobbies, comfortable recreation areas, places to eat and rest rooms equipped with all the necessary for the appropriate comfort.


Living here is very different and depends on the school. The most popular is living in a residence and in a host family. And you can also live in a student house or a hotel.

In the residence you will be given the freedom of action in the preparation and the spending of free time. You will have a room in a dorm and, as a rule, a shared kitchen. Dormitories are modern and meet the necessary quality standards.

In the family there is an opportunity to get to know the locals closely, to spend time together and socialize, as well as you eat together with your family. And you will have the opportunity to enjoy homemade English cuisine. The school itself  makes a special selection of families, every family is tested for suitability. In order to make visitors feel as comfortable as possible.


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You can easily overcome all the difficulties associated with collecting and processing with our help, we provide comprehensive support for

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