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English language courses in Liverpool

We have collected proven English language courses in Liverpool — learn language with pleasure in one of the most famous cities in the UK.

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English language courses in Liverpool

Great Britain is a developed European country with a high level of education and, in general, life. Therefore, this country is so popular among foreign students. Every year, more than 600,000 students come to the UK for short-term and long-term study programmes.
Great Britain is the country where it is most logical to study English, the most real native speakers live here and are not against sharing their knowledge of the main international language in our time.

This is a country with a rich culture, history, full of traditions, with amazingly beautiful nature (including due to its unusual geographical location: it is an island nation) and a friendly attitude towards immigrants and guests.
Everybody knows that Great Britain is a country of rains (all because of the same geographical location and the associated climate), and this is true. 

The weather here is unpredictable, changing frequently and quickly. In the morning the sun is shining, after a couple of minutes rain can go, and so ten times a day. So, going out without an umbrella is considered to be short-sighted among the British, if not even a sign of bad taste. But this, undoubtedly, has its charm and even disposes to learning.

English courses in the UK for adults and children are so popular and prestigious, because the most productive training takes place if you immerse yourself in the language environment (this includes not only theoretical classes at the university, but also informal and formal communication with passersby, staff, and new friends with classmates).

Liverpool is a port city on the northwest coast of England. It has a rich history, and therefore there are many historical sites and attractions that will be interesting and useful to visit. It is the fifth largest city in the UK, so do not hesitate: there is also plenty of entertainment.

Every visitor will be interested in something different. For lovers of architecture, the Port of Liverpool (included, by the way, in the World Heritage of UNESCO), the Liverpool Town Hall, the Wellington's Column, the Liverpool Anglican and Catholic cathedrals, the Nelson Monument will be interesting.
For connoisseurs of museums, the Liverpool branch of the Tate Gallery (one of the most world-famous art galleries), the Slavery Museum, the Maritime Museum and the Beatles Museum (the legendary rock and roll band originated here) will be interesting. Fans of football will be fascinating to visit important places of one of the most successful football teams in the world - Liverpool FC, who glorified the city as much as The Beatles.


Besides, people of any age with any level of language can study English in Liverpool. Students learn English in groups of 2 to 15 people and even individually. With individual training, a plan is developed for you to achieve a certain level of knowledge and the option of living with your teacher is possible.
You can go to the training programme at any time during the school year (as a rule, at the beginning of the school week). Course duration, like everything
the rest, you choose yourself: optional - from a week to a year.
You have the opportunity to choose courses of different frequency of classes - from 4 to 40 hours per week. Some courses combine language classes with
various other activities: sports, tourism, art, etc.

Courses in Liverpool are with different directions, respectively, different goals: to increase the level, to introduce into the study, to acquire communication skills, to pass international exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, FCE, TESOL, TCT, CAE, PET, etc. . (these language tests are necessary for those who are going to study at schools and universities of Great Britain, Europe, as well as the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand; the result of the exam is valid for two years), for professionals (for business and other specialists), for English teachers, etc.

Preparing for college and entering universities will require a course with various academic subjects in English.
The average cost of training is 480 pounds per week.
In all courses there is a lot of language practice. Your pronunciation will become truly English, and you will almost immediately forget what a language barrier is.
Upon completion of the course, all students receive a certificate, which confirms the completion of the English language course in the Liverpool language school and the achievement of a certain level at the end of the course.


Liverpool has more than 30 language schools. Among them there are large network schools that offer training not only in different cities, but also countries (Kaplan International, New College Group), and schools that offer training only in Liverpool (The Liverpool School of English, LILA). This means that everyone will be able to find for themselves the best option for themselves according to various criteria.

Most students aspire to the capital of the United Kingdom - London. However, London has long been a world metropolis where many foreigners live. This multiculturalism somewhat erases the typicality of British culture. If you want to plunge into true British life, to hear exactly the British accent, then Liverpool is the ideal place to study.


The options for accommodation during the course are also different: the host family, the student residence (campus), the apartment or the studio.
The cost of living in a family is from 45 pounds a week. If you live in a family, your English skills are also improved outside the classroom: when communicating and sharing leisure with your hosts. In the family, as a rule, you need to follow certain rules, but you will quickly get used to this, and you may take some traditions with you.

The option of studying in a residence and apartment is chosen more by independent students who want to spend their time at will and are ready to cook for themselves if food is not included in the programme (which is also possible).
How much does living in a residence cost on average? 45 pounds a week.


In order to get to the territory of foggy Albion, you will need to issue a short-term student visa or a long-term Tier-4 visa. We are ready to help you with the collection and execution of all documents and forms for obtaining a visa to the UK
We will also help you at all stages: when choosing a curriculum, 
registration of all necessary documents, choosing housing and transfer. All possibilities and wishes of the client will be taken into account. Our specialists are always ready to answer all your questions.
Choose your ideal place to learn English in Liverpool quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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