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Czech language courses in the Czech Republic

Czech language courses in the Czech Republic are a great opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience.  

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Czech language courses in the Czech Republic

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Czech language courses in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is one of the most popular countries for getting higher education. It is also popular with those who want to study the Czech language more deeply.

Czech Republic is a developed European country, attracting thousands of tourists every year. W. Shakespeare was inspired its landscapes when writing The Winter Fairy Tale. The Czech Republic is the birthplace of such outstanding personalities as Franz Kafka, Johann Mendel, Emil Skoda, Milan Kundera.

The most popular tourist cities are Prague, Kutna Hora, Karlovy Vary. Prague is called the most beautiful city in Europe; 6-7 million tourists visit it every year! Prague is loved for the Old Town, narrow streets, a wide variety of architectural styles, reasonable prices and delicious cuisine. The Czech Republic is world famous for its castles (Litomyšlsky, Karlštejn), beer products and Skoda machines.


You're seeing the great student life in the Czech Republic. The country has about 29 public universities funded by the budget, and 45-50 commercial universities. In general, about 400 thousand students chose the Czech Republic to study, because it gives a unique chance for foreigners to study free of charge! It is only necessary to study in Czech at a state university. And also to pass exams (the knowledge of Czech is not lower than B2 and special entrance examinations).

Learning  the Czech language directly in the Czech Republic has many advantages: firstly, it is an indispensable experience of communication with native speakers. Secondly, Czech schools have a good reputation and extensive experience in teaching. Thirdly, the Czech Republic is attractive for its reasonable prices and rich culture and history.

The Czech Republic is located in the heart of Europe, so it is easy to combine study and travel. According to the global peace index, the Czech Republic ranks 6th in the list of the safest countries. The climate is comfortable, moderate. The average temperature in winter is 0 ° C, in summer - + 27 ° C.


Czech language courses in the Czech Republic are suitable for everyone: adults and children with any level of training.

You can choose courses of any intensity: from a short two-month course to a full annual course. You can take not only a Czech, but also an English language course. And then there are preparation courses for admission to Czech universities.

Czech schools also provide training in specific areas: economic, technical, humanitarian or medical.

There are children's summer programmes aimed at improving their language level and exploring new cities. Together with interesting lessons, the guys expect exciting trips, walking and bus tours, shopping tours. Czech schools provide an opportunity to learn English and develop basic language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Such a school in the Czech Republic as the International Union of Youth (MSM) has been offering English language courses and Czech language courses in Prague for many years, as well as organizing cultural, sports and adaptation programmes during studies.

For example, the Association, UniSchool, or Language Center at the University of Czech College in the Czech Republic offers to complete preparation courses for university studies, learn the Czech language, and prepare for admission to the appropriate level. Courses are developed for people with both an initial and advanced level of proficiency.

Everyone will find a programme corresponding to his goals. The cost of Czech language courses in the Czech Republic varies from 3,500-4500 euros for an annual course.


Accommodation during the courses can be arranged in student residences, apartments or hotels. As a rule, there're double, triple rooms with shared bathroom and kitchen. You can also arrange half board. Such programmes will suit more independent adolescents or adults.

Life in the Czech Republic is considered affordable. The average cost of living for students is within 350-750 dollars per month, including food, accommodation, transport and entertainment expenses. If a student has an ISIC (International Student Identity Card), then it allows him to get discounts on transport, restaurants, cinemas, exhibitions, concerts and museums. Students are usually provided with a hostel where they can meet, find friends and share experiences. The cost of a hostel is about 120 euros per month. Or the student can choose a rented apartment and live alone or with neighbors. Price depends on the size, equipment and location. 2-3 bedroom apartment can cost from 500 to 800 euros per month.


For departure to the Czech Republic a long-term tourist visa to the Czech Republic or a visa for the purpose of training are suitable. It’s best to take care of this in advance, because the review process can take up to 60 days. We are pleased to help you collect the necessary documents and fill out a form for obtaining a visa to the Czech Republic. BookYourStudy provides comprehensive support with filling out documents, the selection of courses, accommodation and even transfer.

Choose your ideal place to learn Czech in the Czech Republic quickly and conveniently. Book online and get bonuses for your next trip from BookYourStudy!

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