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English language courses in California

English courses in California are a great opportunity to improve your knowledge and overcome the language barrier. Choose the appropriate program and book it now.

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Engilsh courses in California


Why do students prefer to learn English in California? It's simple enough: California has it all! California boasts one of the largest economies in the world and is the international epicenter of the entertainment, information, education and technology-sized California. It is a big state that allows students to choose almost any field of study in a city they like.

California remains one of the most active and attractive US states in recruiting international students. Every year many students from countries such as India, Japan, Korea, China and Canada prefer to study in California. Thanks to this, life in California provides daily learning of new languages, products, cultures, nations, ideas, holidays and events!

First of all, every tourist in California visits Disneyland! The park is a combination of themed attractions, recreated worlds and cultures that are mixed with food and shopping. Disneyland has it all, from rides and ice rinks to gourmet cuisine. Golden Gate Bridge is one of those famous landmarks that people tend to remember when they think of the city and even California. The golden frame, which is reflected in San Francisco Bay or rising from the mist that often covers this area is an unforgettable view.

Well and, of course, the most exciting can be a visit to the most famous area of ​​Los Angeles: Hollywood. Seeing the world famous Hollywood sign with your own eyes, strolling along the Walk of Fame - all this will be possible when studying in California.

Climate and landscape

Here you have the opportunity to enjoy all four seasons in a diverse but largely Mediterranean climate. In fact, half of the total area of ​​California is covered with lush forests. Southern California is home to the south-central desert of Modjavi and Death Valley. In northern California, the climate is cooler and you can enjoy mountain scenery that you can enjoy. California’s diverse landscape offers a wide range of sports and weekend activities: surfing along California’s famous coastline, trekking along its many scenic trails and visiting the magnificent forests and state parks.


The well-organized Californian language school network has an excellent reputation for providing quality education. This means that students in California can count on the recognition of the quality and prestige of their certificates at the international level.

On the BookYourStudy website, you can choose a school in any city: Westwood, Hollywood, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Glendora and others. Each city is filled with many attractions and activities of interest.

The world-famous European Center (EC) school has branches in Los Angeles and San Francisco and offers a wide range of English language courses: from general to English with city tours. Language Studies International (LSI) in San Diego offers language courses for both adults and children. The branch of the same school in Berkeley, in addition to the main courses, offers an English course with the study of sights, art and culture of the country, as well as wine tasting.

Some of the best English language schools in California that offer a wide range of courses for people with different levels of English include: Mentor Language Institute (Westwood), FLS, Embassy English language schools in Santa Monica and San Francisco, St Giles, CISL San Francisco, CISL San Diego, ELS Los Angeles, TALK in San Francisco and Sprachcaffe.


In order to study the proposed general course of English, preparation for the exam TOEFL, FCE, CAE, IELTS. In addition to these basic courses in California, you can study academic English, English for business, English for sightseeing and wine tasting, English for an airplane crew, business English and others.

The intensity of classes varies from 20 to 30 hours per week depending on the chosen course. Classes are held in small and large groups, it is also possible to study individually. The cost of English language courses in California also varies depending on the intensity and duration of study. The age of students does not matter, schools offer education for children, teenagers, students and adults, as well as for teachers of English from other countries.


When choosing to study at a particular school, you will be given the opportunity to stay in a dorm or in a family: single or double room, with shared or personal amenities - there are many options. However, you can choose for themselves the option to stay.

Although tuition and living costs may be high in California, it is worth noting that with proper planning, costs are significantly reduced to a minimum. Every day on the Craigslist site there are ads about accommodation options in the city of your interest, about part-time work, selling various things and options to attend various courses. Here you can find friends, and completely free of charge to furnish an apartment with excellent furniture and appliances - you just need to constantly monitor and drive up the ads promptly. Consideration of such sites will definitely help you in more accurate budget formation.

People in California are very active and try to look after their health by running, walking and cycling. In the shops you can always find fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as many organic products.

There are an incredibly large number of places to visit in California, so be sure that you will spend an unforgettable time outside of school. Sunny beaches of Santa Monica and San Diego, Lake Tahoe, many famous museums and theaters - and this is only a small part of all the attractions.

Californians love festivals and celebrate literally everything: from the Renaissance festival to the festival of cats. After a long work week, many people enjoy California nightlife with an abundance of blues bars, comedy clubs, dance halls.

Part-time job

Employers in California offer students part-time and seasonal work. Company choices range from fast food at Pizza Hut or Del Taco to world famous Disney, Apple, Google and Facebook in Silicon Valley. The state of California has one of the highest minimum wages in the country. All vacancies are constantly updated and posted on websites, as well as on the bulletin boards of your educational centers.

A great way to practice your English is volunteering, which is very common in California. Here are many charitable organizations that need help and will be happy to accept you on their team.


California's largest international airports are:

SFO (San Francisco International) is one of two airports with LAX, responsible for most international travel.

OAK (Oakland International Airport) is a less expensive option than SFO, and is the closest airport to the Bay Area.

SMF (Sacramento) - 11 airlines serving the USA and Mexico.

LAX (Los Angeles International) is the main international airport in California.

SAN (San Diego Airport) Lindberg Field. Serves 23 international companies.

In addition, there are several small airports that serve popular tourist destinations:

STS (Sonoma County Airport), PSP (Palm Springs International Airport), SBA (Santa Barbara Municipal Airport), FAT (Fresno Yosemite International Airport), the main airport of Central California is also the closest airport to Yosemite National Park.


California's transportation system is complex and dynamic. Includes a large number of freeways and an extensive range of rail, sea and air transport. Bus stations and subway stations, as well as stations of suburban rail networks, are located in almost all localities in the state.

In California, there are many cycling routes, numerous buses are equipped with bicycle racks in front of the car for mounting about two bicycles. Several rail systems, such as Metro Rail and BART, also allow riders to transport bicycles on trains at certain hours of the day.


Visa in the United States is one of the most difficult to obtain. In order to receive it, in addition to the standard package of documents, you must provide all possible documents on the availability of property in your home country and a detailed tourist itinerary. In addition, it should be borne in mind that the US Embassy in Belarus does not issue visas to citizens (with the exception of some cases), therefore visa documents are submitted to the US Embassy in Lithuania, Poland, or Ukraine.

BookYourStudy will help you open the following visas:

- Tourist visa

This type of visa (B-2) is suitable for traveling to the United States directly for tourism purposes. In addition, a tourist visa is issued if you plan to visit friends and acquaintances, and do not plan to find employment or training.

- Business visa

A business visa is issued if you travel abroad for business purposes or at the invitation of a foreign partner. Also, this type of visa is required for drivers and pilots of international flights. In order to confirm the business purpose of the trip you need an invitation from the organization.

- Student visa

If you decide to study at one of the world famous universities in California or at one of the language schools, you need to apply for a student visa. Visa department BookYourStudy will help with the selection of the correct type of visa, will hold a free consultation and quickly fill out all the necessary documents.

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