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English language courses in the USA

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Popular English language courses in the USA

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English language courses in the USA

Currently, the United States is a superpower, which possesses great human, intellectual and natural resources and the enormous development potential. There is no such a person whom they would not impress. This is a country of contrasts. You can love it or can't stand it , feel there as alive and real as ever or have a heavy heart to live every day, but you will definitely not remain indifferent!

It's impossible to deny eye-catching mentality, culture and values of the American people; rich and eventful history of the emergence, development and formation of the country. It is impossible not to notice the majestic and diverse natural landscapes and sights; mega-cities and small cozy cities; do not feel the atmosphere of freedom and independence, belonging to something great, not to feel that dreams are real and that you are the master of your own destiny.

The United States of America occupies the central part of the whole continent - North America. This is the 4th largest country in the world with an area of ​​9.5 million sq. km. Such vast territories cause climate and weather diversity in different parts of the country: from tropical, marine and Mediterranean to arctic, high-mountain and arid, with different levels of precipitation and temperature fluctuations.

Benefits of learning English in the United States of America

The USA is a country of unlimited and attractive prospects. Everybody wants to become successful and establish himself. And it is impossible not to note such an opportunity for your own development, as learning English. Every year hundreds of thousands of foreign students from all over the world come to the United States to learn English. Some - for further admission to a college or university, others - to experience American life, and the rest - to improve their language skills in order to get more promising work at home or abroad. Many of these students note that this was the best decision they had ever made because they got a life-changing experience.

So let's figure out why it's worth it.

Firstly, the most obvious advantage is to take English language courses in the USA because of native speakers being there. Therefore, it provides a complete language immersion that you can’t get at home.

Secondly, the USA is not just one of the English-speaking countries. It enters

the so-called “big six” (along with the UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand). These countries set international standards for English.

Third, as already mentioned, America is a very diverse place. It broadens your horizons, makes you more open, gives you the opportunity to get to know other cultures, without moving around the globe. It also allows you to establish intercultural business connections, which will be useful in the future.

Learning English in America is always not only effective, but also fascinating. Lovers of natural resources of the country will not remain indifferent to the surreal landscapes of the Grand Canyon and the Death Valley, the majestic Niagara Falls, lakes and rivers, gorges, canyons and caves, geysers and volcanoes of Hawaiian islands, national parks and reserves.

For others, the capital and major cities will become centers of attraction.

Visiting New York, the most popular metropolis, you can see the legendary Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, walk down Broadway, go to Times Square, cross the Brooklyn Bridge, and go out to Central Park - one of the favorite places of citizens and guests of the city.

In Washington, the capital of the United States, there are not only all government structures (White House, Capitol, Library of Congress), museums and memorials, but also many majestic temples and cathedrals, such as the Washington Cathedral, the main cathedral of the Anglican Church in the United States, and the largest Mormon Temple.

During studies in America, you have the opportunity to visit Hollywood with the Alley of Fame in Los Angeles, San Francisco, which is famous for its Golden Bridge

Gateway ”, controversial Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami Beach, Walt Disney and Universal Studios in Orlando, sunny Philadelphia and many other cities that will impress you.

In general, the terrain and people are incredibly diverse. Wherever you are, you will be involved in the dynamic and exciting life of the city.


The most famous language schools in the United States are CISL, ELS, Embassy English, European Center (EC), FLS, Inlingua, Kaplan International and LAL. The international network of language schools KAPLAN is one of the most powerful centers for teaching English in the United States, England and Canada, and enjoys a high reputation among foreign students. For more than 70 years, the school has been helping students from all over the world to improve their language skills, prepare for exams, and enroll in higher education institutions. Classes at school are conducted only by experienced and highly qualified teachers, curricula are constantly updated and meet the highest requirements of students.

EC is known for its unusual approach to learning: programs are divided into 12 levels so that the learning of the language within every level can be started from any lesson. Their other distinguishing feature is the focus on the pronunciation features of representatives of different nationalities. In the US, EU schools are located in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles.

FLS has been operating since 1986 and offers high-quality training programs throughout the world. It consists of 7 language centers located in the states of Southern California, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Tennessee near the most remarkable tourist destinations. Representatives from about 100 countries of the world study at FLS International. Training is conducted in 18 levels of English, for all age groups (even for 30+, 50+) with a diverse cultural program.

Inlingua Language Schools have more than 350 centers for learning foreign languages ​​around the world and 40 years of experience, and therefore is one of the world's largest educational centers in the field of learning foreign languages. School staff and teachers are always happy to offer students their help on all issues and make learning as comfortable and effective as possible, focusing on the goals of every student individually.

The LAL English School can rightfully be considered a boutique school. The school has six classrooms with a maximum capacity of 12 people, which makes it the smallest school in the LAL group and allows you to pay more attention to each student. At the Boston English Language School, LAL has a very friendly atmosphere, and all of its students can feel real care throughout their studies.

The CISL language school was founded in 1972 and for 45 years of work has gained international recognition as a leader in the field of effective language teaching. The school offers programs and courses in English as a foreign language (ESL), including preparation courses for Cambridge exams, TOEFL and IELTS tests, and guarantees that classes are held in small groups (up to 8 people).


English schools in the US offer a variety of choices of any suitable program and course of study. They can be classified as follows:

The intensity of training on the program

1) With the partial load (10-15 hours per week) - to combine a good rest and study.

2) Courses with the standard load (18-20 hours per week), leaving plenty of time for personal affairs.

3) Intensive (20-30 hours per week) - the most popular among foreigners

learning format that allows you to quickly master the subtleties of the language, but still leaving some time for the cultural program.

4) Super-intensive (more than 35 hours per week) - for those who want to focus as much as possible on classes and experience progress as soon as possible.

Size of study groups:

1) Standard groups of up to 15 people are quite large groups that require the activity from a student.

2) Mini-groups of 4-8 people, recognized as the optimal learning format.

3) Individual one-on-one lessons with a teacher.

Let us consider in more detail the types of courses on their content.

General English course. Groups of students (8-10 people for each group), a teacher develops a learning strategy. They are suitable for any level of language proficiency.

Typically, the course is given 2 weeks of 20 hours per each week. It's

enough to go to the next level of language proficiency in two months.

Intensive course is an accelerated method for those who want to learn English as soon as possible. Intensive English courses are suitable for those who already have some knowledge of the language, but want to rise to a new level.

Superintensive course - takes up to 40 hours a week, almost no

leaving free time. Such courses are most useful for beginners, because it is the shortest way to master the language.

Business English courses. Courses are a general study of English combined with business communication lessons that will help you achieve significant results in creating an international career.

In addition, courses of this type offer special vocabulary training for

certain professions. For example, medical vocabulary, English for accountants, pilots. Courses for English teachers are aimed at improving various language skills.

Separately, there are training courses for international exams. IELTS and TOEFL are most often selected, but if necessary, you can find courses for the Cambridge FCE exam. Often, students choose a TOEFL preparation course because the presence of this exam is a prerequisite for admission to American universities.

Individual lessons with a teacher. Individual language courses are popular, because in this way it is possible to  improve your language level most strongly.

Besides, schools have not bypassed children and adolescents: summer, vacation English courses are offered, where children can combine business with pleasure: travel, excursions and study.

The cost of courses starts from $ 360 a week for an intensive course and reaches $ 3,000 for individual tuition.


You can live while studying in a hostel, apartment, or in an American family, a hotel, a hostel  or a teacher's family.

The hostel and apartments are suitable for those who want to spend a lot of

time with peers, to practice the language constantly being studied and, in general, to experience an independent life. The fee is 250 $ -400 $ per week.

The host family will attract those who wish to combine relatively small cash expenditures with home coziness and comfort and conveniences, complete home nutrition and immersion in the cultural and linguistic environment. The cost varies from $ 175 to $ 400 per week.

Removable apartment provides personal space and freedom in comfortable living conditions. However, this option has a number of disadvantages, such as reducing language practice to a minimum, the need to organize meals and high cash costs (from $ 250-600 per week).

Of course, you can find a neighbor and save a little, and at the same time increase the opportunities for communication.

Hotels can be considered in the case of choosing short-term programs, because this option is definitely not a budget (the average room rate is from $ 30 to $ 120 per day. When choosing your own accommodation, you must take into account its distance from the educational institution, state and city, as well as calculate estimated transportation costs in advance.


An American visa is one of the most difficult to obtain. it's connected with

potential flow of migrants. However, a completed application form and a full package of documents are the main condition for obtaining the coveted stamp in the passport. The visa department of the BookYourStudy agency will help you with this. It's easy and simple to open a visa with us. Depending on the purpose of your visit to the United States, we will help you arrange various American visas. Student visa or tourist visa is best for studying. Why is it convenient to get a visa to the US with us?

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